Tuesday, December 18, 2012

It is certificate which shows...

   Stock is  certificate which shows that you are owner little part of company conjunction or  some percentage of company holder you.For detail what is stock?... When you buy stocks ,this means that you are buying little part of industrial which is owner(industrial is owner): plant and equipment , buildings belonging to the enterprise,also computers,chairs,tables,offices things and etc.Stock’s owners calls equity holders. Essence of stocks is next: It is part of company which is participated of money.
   Holder’s rate is the part of all company’s rate.For example: If you have stock of  Coca-Cola  and then Coca-Cola start making new product,which people buys massively, accordingly coca-cola gets massive rate…And then you will take big rate.Also  portion gives you the right to manage the company. Each stock is part of the power management of the company.That’s why many stock means big power management of the company.
    For company management is often required attend on vote. In extreme cases, on the vote must be present owner’s special representative. Representative is a person who is equipped with all of the rights owner and is able to get decision without owner. The main questions which exists about company director are these.How he manags the company? Is it possible to increase its profits?Also company owners can increase their own profits with helping management,with there’s smart opinions.
  There are four types of stocks which can be purchased. The lowest level for stock is penny stocks. Such kind stocks have small companies whom have not chance  to become bigs and powerful companies. Penny stocks may have local companies.
   The next stap in stocks ar     growth stocks.Growth stocks have start-up companies that have huge potential to succeed in ,but they are unstable and can be changed by the success of failure…Such shares are not insured and a solid investment in the above-mentioned reasons.The  high-level for stocks is blue chip stocks.Such stock have old good companies. Stocks are the most safe and reliable investment, but also they needs a lot of time to get to rate…
    If you want to get good rate you must select old and  successed company which have big experience. There are also many other factors to consider investments. To consider all aspects gives us rights make best choice.There are some questions with answers which can helps us form making best decision.

   How many must be the rate of company that it was desired buy it’s stocks? If the company had not made a profit in the near past then there's a great chance for bankruptcy and accordingly talking about rate will be stupidity.And if  the company had made a big profit in the near past then  there’s a great chance we also get big rate.

   IF is the company’s product consumable? If company’s product is not consumable then it’s big chance for bankruptcy that’s whay we must not select such company. You should invest such  company  which product is in demand.

  What is company compete in? If the company stronger compared to its competitors and more demand for its product then we can select such company for invest.
   So at the end of the letter we have not such question “what is stocks?”.Detailed analysis of the company and answers of the questions gives us main answer of such question:”If will be good idea make invest in this company?”  
I am apologize for my English next letters will be better. Thank you very much for reading…

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